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Heidi Scott’s skills as a writer extend far beyond the completion of a project.  Her ability to find enthusiasm in every field, empathy for every subject, and experience in every genre make her an ideal voice for your vision. The phrase "no project too big or too small" has become a bit cliche, but with Heidi it remains true. Not only can she handle it all, she handles it all with grace and polish. 

Without Heidi Scott, my book would never have been written. She edited my errors, clarified my thoughts, and kept the faith through to the end. She has always been a gift - to inspire me, give me courage, and believe in the project when I was ready to let it go. 

I would never try to write a book without Heidi's help again. My first book attempt was a disaster. Heidi took the mess that I made and produced a beautifully-written manuscript that reflected my voice and intent better than I ever could have hoped.

Working with Heidi Scott was, hands down, the best part of the writing process.                               

Heidi has been such an inspiration for me personally. She worked so hard to personalize my book so that it would sound like my voice when reading. She is a highly sought after talent and a remarkable lady who can be trusted to always have her clients best interests at heart. If I do another book, I will be asking for her services again. She is the best!

I wanted the busiest writer available, and that's how I found Heidi. She has been a trusted confidant for me as a first time author. She has a way about her that relaxes you and builds your confidence during the book development. She is a humble writer and has a charming demeanor that makes  the writing challenge fun. This was key for me because as an engineering/math type, English is not my strong suit. 

I have worked with Heidi for nearly three years now and I am very happy with both her work and the timely manner in which it is done. Although not knowing our industry, she learns quickly and is able to provide what we are looking for. My "go to" person of choice!

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